RAITA BioKem sewage cleaner

Raita BioKem sewage cleaner

Good cleaning results, long service life, top components, low operating costs. EN 12566-3 CE

• Automatic, CE tested, SMART downtime function
• Small - LOW model - SA model
• SMART sludgetreatment, low amount excess sludge
• Long service life 50-100 years, advantageous in use
• Technology by Raita, Siemens, Xylem, Gardner

- download products card : https://raita.com/biokem_productpage.pdf

- see more at producers webpage : https://raita.com/biokem/eng.htm

All wastewater from the property is directed to BioKem.

During BIOprocesses, the microbes use organic matter and phosphorus as food, the nitrogen is reduced with nitrification and denitrification.

Phosphorus removal is enhanced with the KEM-process at the sametime (RAKE ironsalt liquid).

The sewage cleaner works and adjusts itself automatically for the incoming sewage volume . Variations do not affect the BIO- and KEM-processes.

In the event of downtime, there are automatic functions to maintain biological readiness for several months. The SMART sludgetreatment process works in parallel with BIO- and KEM-processes. The small amount(0.2-0.4% of the sewage) excess sludge of processes is collected into a sludge tank or into a composter.

When using composter, there is no need to empty with sludge truck.

Frequently asked questions - look for answers here! Frequently asked questions - look for answers here!

Frequently asked questions about BioKem - see the answers at the link FAQ???.

  • Choosing a wastewater system? Which system is suitable for me? Do I need an official permit? Can I do it myself? Can I get a design / construction tree through you?
  • Choosing the right Biokem model. The use of the property varies, how to size the treatment plant. Which of the Biokem models is suitable for our use?
  • Environmental friendliness. How environmentally friendly is Biokem?
  • Care and maintenance of BioKem. Is it complicated, tedious? What to do?
  • Acquisition and operating costs. What does acquisition cost - what does operation cost?
  • Renewal of the old wastewater system - can the old system be used? Does it make financial sense?
  • Smell. Does the use of the BioKem purifier cause odors in the room or the environment?
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