Prospects for the year 2023!

Prospects for the year 2023!

Briefly about the market situation

Briefly about the market situation

Holiday apartments, detached houses, sewage systems, bio-toilets:
For wastewater systems, demand for 2022 has continued in a similar fashion since the "corona boom" that started in 2020.
Holiday homes are still being equipped with amenities and their use as second homes for families is increasing, a trend we believe will continue for a long time to come.
New construction is also taking place on a significant scale.

Composting solutions
The waste reform is underway with the new waste act. In order to increase the recycling rate of waste, sorting and composting of bio-waste is required.

Uncertainty about war, energy prices, inflation also affects demand. We see the effects to be positive, increasing the demand for distributed, maintenance-free/self-maintaining systems.
The same trend can also be seen abroad, in local market areas and further afield.

In a nutshell, our goals for the next few years

- develop our products to match these trends in the market
- train and develop partners to function effectively as a distribution chain for the market
- market and present our business models to consumers and partners in online communication

The work to achieve a good result in the mentioned areas has been going on for decades. In recent years, we have made the following reforms regarding online communication;
- websites with frequently asked questions about our products - - answers to frequently asked questions
- blog pages - - realized objects and experiences
- technical websites - - user manual, installation manual, certificate, drawings
- online shopping site - - consumer, net prices, product package

Significant improvements have also been made to our main website


The RaitaPro network is evolving and new trainings are available in our following areas of expertise:
- gray water filtration
- bio toilets for holiday apartments and detached houses
- treatment plant for all waste water

We are grateful for your cooperation with us.
Get in touch and we will arrange a training time for you. Send a message or call if something bothers you.
Let's continue to have a fruitful cooperation and improve the business.
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