A company for resell (with VAT no)

Please contact for more information helpdesk@raita.com  +358 400 912 111 for purchasing the first time. We will open account for you and give more detailed instruction in return email.

You'll have email for signing in to the webshop and get you prices and terms on-line while signed in.

For ordering use the normal way in the webshop -

  1.  select the products you want to order
  2.  fill in with your information
  3.  select for delivery method: Sales resell - free in stock Rajamäki
  4.  choose payment method

You'll have confirmation in you email. Please note - the delivery method is free in stock Rajamäki.

You can pick the products in Rajamäki or arrange the tranportation from Rajamäki further to you. Please fill in more detailed information while ordering. You may contact us with this information also by email- helpdesk@raita.com  or calling +358 400 912 111

If you want us to arrange the tranportation, please send email helpdesk@raita.com including address etc - you'll get deliveryprice from us in return.

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