BM9 biomodule treatment plant for mixed wastewater (WC+grey water)

BM9 biomodule cleaner

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Passive, non-electric drainage system (no pumps or moving parts) for mixed wastewater (toilet water and gray water).

The operation of the biomodule purification plant is based on the separation of fat and solid material during pretreatment (treatment of settling wells) and a large surface area during biological purification (biofiltration / drip filter). Biomodules have 10 times the surface area of a traditional soil collection field - the size of the system is about 1/3 the size of a traditional soil treatment. More about biomodules in this link.

The biomodule treatment plant is small in size (12-15 m2, also in height (height difference between incoming and outgoing pipes min. 50 cm).

Property wells in good condition can also be used as sludge separators. The dimensioning for wells is a delay of 48 hours (delay = well volume / system capacity). For example, a capacity of 1000 l requires at least a 2m3 sludge separator and an i8 module package. The well volume can be increased with additional wells that are available in our product range. Our selection also includes ready-made sludge separators & biomodule packages.

Familiarize yourself with our selection of wells, most often we use a 2m3-3 compartment fine well + 0.7m3 (d900H2200) and 1.7m3 l(s1200H2000) additional wells (see the collection of wells in this link). Our selection also includes models for shallow wells.

The biomodules are placed in a suitable location for the property, the distance between the sludge separator and the biomodule field is not important for operation. The biomodule field can have the required shape, for example i8 (1000 l / 24 h) narrow and long (1.2 m x 10 m) or wider and short (2.4 m x 5 m)

Biomodule packaging comes in different sizes; for example 750l/24 h - 1000l/24 h More capacity can be obtained with extra module packages (i2 + 250 l/24 h).

The cleaning effect corresponds to the basic cleaning requirement - BOD/P/N 80/70/30.

The cleaning effect can be improved with the FB phosphorus removal unit, in which case it meets the cleaning requirement level BOD/P/N 90/85/40 required for sensitive areas.

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