Biotoilet 200IS MU

Composting biotoilet plastic ECO seat - GTIN13 6415836225796

  • EV 200/is -m ECO


Eco plastic seat

weight 10 kg, seat height 520 width 400 depth 500 connection D200 - center point 210 mm from the back of the seat

Connecting pipe D200 x L 500
Connects the seat to the compost bin (if additional pipes are needed, see below)

Composting container (van)

200 container, composting in the same container until the end of the process - often a replacement container is used. Easy to empty. The container is made of PE plastic, which is a durable material, easy to keep clean and easy to handle.

Dimensions (depth 640 - width 820 - height 800 (mm)) - weight 12 kg (if additional van are needed, see below)

Fan with control unit 230 V

Ensures the operation of the device under all operating conditions. Installed in the air conditioning pipe.

The operation of Biotoalets is based on composting and liquid treatment.

The solid material is composted and the liquids are treated by evaporation and filtration. To promote composting, so-called compost powder is used in Biotoilets. The composting room is ventilated outdoors. The operation is odorless even under varying loads. The simple structure and easy maintenance enable safe use of Biotoalett in a summer cottage, holiday apartment, small house, general use.

More information from the manufacturer's website (link)

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